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We campaign for sustainable fashion, mindful of the environment and social issues.

As such, finding materials, fabrics & accessories that meet this requirement is the subject of permanent work: our raw materials are, for the most part, recycled, organic, or natural, and our packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials. We also use 'deadstock' fabrics, dormant stocks from major fashion houses, in order to offer some of our models in a limited and responsible collection.

Slow Fashion

We are careful to match our production to demand and to limit overstocks and waste as much as possible. For this reason, we make sure to sell and produce most of our collection to order. We also make sure to reuse our raw materials throughout the collections to give them a second life.

These advance orders allow us to adjust our production capacities to guarantee you exceptional craftsmanship throughout the year.

Craftsmanship Made In Paris

Our collections are designed and manufactured in our workshops in Paris, in a short circuit, with passionate craftsmen (jewelers, painters, fashion designers, etc.) working by hand and in limited series.

Our tailoring approach is halfway between ready-to-wear and haute couture, with original and timeless designs, comfortable cuts and fabrics.

Beyond boundaries

Inspired by art, music, travel, our wish is to create an interdisciplinary community, source of inspiration and territory of expression, to explore new horizons and shed new light on our creations.

This is why we invite several times a year artists from different worlds to come and express themselves, collaborate with us on new creations and help us to question what we do on a daily basis.

The GUNTHER Community

GUNTHER has established itself in almost three years among the most popular fashion labels by artists and personalities in France and abroad.

This media exposure, combined with the aesthetics of the brand, have created a modern and eclectic community, in the very image of GUNTHER.

Fally Ipupa
Kendji Girac
Nuit Incolore
Djibril Cissé
Ahmed Sylla
Burna Boy


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